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Executive Protection and Physical Security

Provide security and risk mitigation for celebrity, corporate VIP, and high-net-worth individuals.
Ensure the safety and well-being of executives, high profile individuals, and their families through close personal protection.
Conduct route and venue advance reconnaissance and clearance.
Evaluate commercial or private offices and residences for security protocols, vulnerabilities, and risk mitigation.
Design a comprehensive security plan for corporate events, residences, and commercial endeavors.

Travel and Transportation Security

Provide discreet security escort services to clients during domestic and international travel ensuring their safety throughout the journey.
Conduct prior threat analysis, site surveys, travel logistics, and emergency response protocols.
Provide safe and secure transportation for clients with a driver specially trained in emergency vehicle operation.
Provide close protection, route reconnaissance, and secure transportation from departure to arrival

Private Investigation Services

Conduct comprehensive background investigations on individuals or organizations
Gather information regarding criminal history, employment verification, financial records, reputation checks, background checks, fraud detection, due diligence, and intellectual property theft.
Conduct family law, fraud, and infidelity investigations
Run surveillance
Process serving legal documents including summons, subpoena's, small claims cases, evictions, complaints, notices to pay or quit, restraining orders and more.
Technical surveillance countermeasures
Fraud investigations
Infidelity investigations